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Russian Transport Daily Report is a unique product devoted to the transport and logistics market of the Russian Federation. It provides the latest daily news on transportation, delivery services, transport services, transport logistics, international freight, investment projects, airport transportation, haulage, international shipping, freight services, express services etc. Every issue has several sections including air, sea, rail, road and logistics, as well as infrastructure and finance. The bulletin has an extended subscriber list including transport companies, shipping companies, carriers, rail operators and many others who are interested in the development of transport and logistics of Russia.

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Freight One Increased Haulage of Oil Products from Rosneft’s Achinsk Oil Refinery by 21% in the Second Quarter of 2009

Freight One hauled a total of 646,000 metric tons of petroleum products from Achinsk Oil Refinery in the second quarter. Deliveries made from April through June exceeded the first-quarter figures by 21%.

Freight One tank cars are loaded with petroleum products from the loading racks of Achinsk Oil Refinery (Krasnoyarsk Territory). Freight One hauls petroleum products both on a fixed-route and special-delivery basis to Russian customers and to ports on the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and in the Far East.

Freight One plays a key role in the transport of petroleum products from JSC ANPZ VNK (Achinsk Oil Refinery of the Eastern Oil Company) because of its high level of transport service and strong share of the region’s oil-hauling market. Freight One’s share of the oil haulage on the Krasnoyarsk Railway, where the oil refinery is located, has increased by 14.6% since the beginning of the year.