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First Oil-Loaded Rolling Stock to Proceed ex Skovorodino Railway Station to Kozmino Port

First oil-loaded rolling stock will proceed from Skovorodino railway station in Amur region to a specialized seaport Kozmino in Primorsk on 12 November 2009. All the reservoirs of Skovorodino transshipment terminal are filled with oil pumped through Esatern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (ESPO). The complex comprises 4 tanks 20,000 m3 each, a supply system of raw hydrocarbons to a tank-car filling rack, capable of receiving 82 tank-cars simultaneously. There are access ways and receiving and departure tracks linked to the terminal, it is fitted out with industrial and environmental safety means, fire-alarm etc. It is planned to send 5 rolling stocks loaded with test oil (21.5 thousand tons) ex Skovorodino in November. It is called test one as it will be used for Kuzmino port reservoirs filling and testing of all its objects on receiving, storage. Specialised crude oil loading seaport Kozmino is designed for oil receiving via railway station Gruzovaya, oil pumping to oil depot in Kozmino village, oil storage and petroleum products loading into sea tankers to be delivered to the consumers. An investor is Transneft OJSC, Spetsmornefteport Kozmino LLC. An operating company is Spetsmornefteport Kozmino LLC.