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Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems to ship glass to Urals and Siberia

Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems has been contracted by a Russian glass manufacturer OOO Trading House «Steklostandart» to ship glass containers produced by it in covered wagons by railway. The agreement was signed by the companies during the 14th International Freight, Transportation and Logistics Exhibition TransRussia – 2009 which is underway in Moscow.

According to the terms of the contract, Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems undertakes to provide wagons for loading the cargo, carry it to its destination and pay the necessary railway fees. For safe shipping of glass products Eurosib SPb – Transportation Systems employs covered wagons with carrying volume of 138/158 m3, including modernized wagons specifically designed for safe transportation of fragile cargo.

Irina Smirnova, Head of Department of covered wagon shipments, said: "Our company has already carried out successfully a few pilot shipments of its products for ООО TD «Steklostandart». In March 2009, 18 wagons with glass containers were dispatched from the railway station Novie Polyanki (Kuybishev Railway) to the city of Novosibirsk (West-Siberian Railway) and Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarsk Railway). Both of our companies now intend to expand the geographical scope of shipping operations to the Southern Urals and the Far East."

Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems currently looks for ways to provide a yet broader range of services to its client. Besides glass container products, cargo shipments for ООО TD «Steklostandart» also include raw materials for their manufacturing: silica sand, dolomite, limestone, alumina, soda ash, natrium sulfate, selenium, etc.

Igor Tolstikhin, Commercial Director of Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems, said: «This company is best placed to provide a full range of services to our customer. Eurosib SPb-Transportation Systems has accumulated an extensive experience in shipping raw materials needed for glass production by a varied rolling stock fleet which includes mineral wagons, open-top wagons and container flat wagons».