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“DVTG” JSC implements its own cargo transportation development programme aimed at overcoming the crisis in the industry

As a result of the DVTG’s efforts, the cargo flow via border station Zabaikalsk increased 3 times if compared with August 2009.
An individual project of container department of the company was devoted to the return of the largest cargo owners to Transsib. To date, the following results can be noted:
Successfully is being implemented the project with LG Chemical – at present 2 block-trains are at the process of loading in the port Vostochny which will be dispatched to the DVTG terminal “Tuchkovo” in Moscow region. The project will be developed further as the next lot of LG Chemical’s containers are on their way, which will be shipped also to the container terminal “Tuchkovo”.
JSC “DVTG” together with it’s Korean partners managed to get the return of Samsung cargoes to Transsiberian railway. On October, 11 from Shanghai onward for further shipment by block trains via the port Vostochny to the Terminal “Tuchkovo” was shipped the first lot consisting of 41 containers with Samsung cargo. The Return of Samsung to Transsib occurred thanks to the efforts of the DVTG and its Korean partners by providing competitive service via the port Vostochny. Previously Samsung shipped it’s goods by sea. Before the end of the year it is planned to ship cargoes for Samsung in Kaluga region by container block- trains. Within the framework of this project will be used up to 350 containers of it’s own fleet of DVTG
JSC “DVTG” strives to develop all directions of its activity harmoniously, ensuring even distribution of commitments by different departments of the company. One of such project is the project of the transportation of containerized cargoes from port Vostochny to Poland. The project has been developed already and is on the way shortly. Specialists of JSC “DVTG” worked out the optimal route for the shipment of containers on platforms of DVTG from the port Vostochny to Poland. On the territory of Poland the delivery of containers to the customer’s plants will be made by trucks. Initially, the shipment will be performed in small lots consisting of 20 containers with the further increase to block-train shipments.
JSC “DVTG” remains active in the segment of container traffic, which is significantly dropped in all Russian transport companies. Unlike its competitors, DVTG works not only with those companies of South-East Asia, which are using Transib, but also attracts new companies and new types of cargoes to Transsiberian railway.